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1,000 chickens were saved from being euthanized on an egg farm when a donor of the sanctuary Animal Place chartered two private planes from Iowa to California!

The organizations’ director, Kim Sturla, said Friday the hens came from a nearby egg farm that is going out of business. The farm planned to kill the chickens but agreed instead to give them to the California rescue, which will nurse the hens back to health and adopt them out for backyard flocks throughout the state.

It’s estimated the cost of the effort is “in the tens of thousands of dollars,” Sturla said. Much of that is raised through fundraising and in-kind donation.

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Underwater Sound Devices Called Pingers Could Help Save Porpoises

Underwater sound devices called “pingers” could be an effective, long-term way to prevent porpoises getting caught in fishing nets with no negative behavioural effects, newly published research suggests.

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Dogs Can Detect Gasoline Traces To One Billionth of A Teaspoon

In the fire arson field it’s well known that dogs are more sensitive than conventional laboratory tests, but now there’s a new study that finds just how extremely super-sensitive dog’s noses are and how that can help fight future arson cases.

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Record Level Ozone Hole Has Healed

After looming above the Arctic, the single largest ozone hole ever detected over the North Pole has finally closed, researchers from the European Union’s Copernicus Atmosphere Monitoring Service (CAMS) reported.

The area was roughly the size of Greenland, and stretched over the top of the polar icecap.

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