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Well, Coral Reef Music that is…

A recent study was done on Australia’s Great Barrier Reef to see if recorded sounds from a live, vibrant coral ecosystem could revive a dying one. And to a degree, it worked! The sounds lured in double the fish over 40 days vs. dying corals without the sounds. A critical step in coral revival.

Wait why is there dying coral?

Climate change has been wiping out critical coral ecosystems for the last couple of decades, a problem that’s getting worse. This is primarily due to rising sea temperatures, which in turn causes coral to lose their critical algae – a process known as bleaching. Bleaching opens up coral for disease and decay.

Isn’t coral just a pretty tourist thing?

Well for sure coral is breathtaking up close and it would be a shame if we lost this treasure for that reason alone. However, more importantly, coral is home to thousands of fish and ocean life species. Losing coral will start a chain reaction of loss for thousands of others, which creates a chain reaction up the food chain to larger fish and ocean mammals.  We would not only lose a critical food supply but thousands of species who also help keep our oceans clean, control algae bloom, produce key organic by-products and so forth.

So music is the answer

It’s a valuable and inventive step if we can indeed scale this study to using sounds to revitalize coral ecosystems.  However, this only delays the inevitable if we don’t stop warming our oceans. Think of this as a step towards buying ourselves more time to fixing the larger issue!

Read the Full Study Here


In Other News

Microphones Listen In On The Rainforest To Detect Loggers 

Rainforest Connection is a nonprofit tech startup that’s using advanced technology to create a monitoring system in rainforests across the globe. Software detects the sound of a chainsaw and alerts rangers. This tech can help combat deforestation and wildlife poaching allowing more protection to key areas. You can download the app and listen to the sound of one of the forests in real time. Learn more here.


The City of LA Is Offering Free Trees to Residents

Part of the city’s sustainable Green New Deal plan includes planting over 90,000 trees in the next two years. If you live in the city you can qualify and get trees delivered to your door and planted on your street or private residence. Learn more about the program here.


A Search Engine With Conscience: Plants Trees Worldwide With Profits

Imagine a search engine that doesn’t steal your data, doesn’t evade taxes, publishes financial reports, and doesn’t take profits, instead its revenue go towards tackling climate change by planting trees where they’re needed most, this is Ecosia.

“It’s a fact that if we planted one trillion trees we could pull enough carbon out of the air to massively reduce the risk of impending climate catastrophe. And trees don’t just help with climate change either, but also with poverty, hunger, flooding, and drought, as well as the biodiversity crisis,” says founder Christian Kroll. Check out their site and read more here.

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