2020 California Fires – What Happened & What’s Next?


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By now I’m sure everyone is familiar the terrifying size and scope of the 2020 wildfires in California. Over 9,000 different fires, over 4.5 million acres burned, tens of thousands of homes lost or people displaced, over two dozen firefighters killed and over 15,000 firefighters pushed to their brink, and hundreds of millions of wildlife lost.  It’s bad.
So why did this happen. Why have the 10 largest fires in California’s history all been in the last 8 years?  In this episode, we explore all the many factors at play.  And we do so with three very different guests:
In addition to breaking down the causal factors, we explore what we can do to Mitigate these fires going forward and Adapt to the new normal.

2:40 Intro our Guests
8:45 Quick recap of 2020 California fires
11:59 Diving through the different factors that lead to the 2020 fires
37:42 Recognizing the toll taken on Fire Fighters and first responders
46:50 What can we do to Mitigate wildfires going forward
57:40 How should we Adapt to this new normal?