Can A Snail Save A Tropical Rainforest?


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The Polymita Picta is one incredible, beautiful snail you are gonna want to get to know!

It is native to Cuba and does some incredible work in supporting the forest and the species within it.  Sadly though, it’s under serious threat. Their remarkable colored shells are a thing of wonder, but also enticing to poachers.  Polymitas are being collected and killed for their shells, and when combined with habitat loss and invasive species, this is putting this critical species in danger of collapse. And with it, the Cuban rainforest.

Joining us today is Norvis Hernandez, a biologist in Cuba and founder and forever leader of the Polymita Fan Club! She has dedicated her entire life to this little gastropod, and her story and work is inspiring.

You can learn a lot more about the Polymitas as well in this great article from Nat Geo.

That’s not all!

Here at Animalia are making a big push to save this species.  As part of that, we have launched a line of limited line of Polymita themed hoodies and sweats made of 100% recycled cotton.  They are super soft and perfect for Spring or Fall.  You will love them and you’ll be supporting REALLY important work.  With the restrictions in Cuba it is so hard for Norvis and her team to get the word out.  Get yours today and as a podcast listener, get 15% off with the code ‘POLYMITA’.

Oh and that’s not all! We made a full on Polymita music video too!  You heard that right.  Check it out on YouTube here!