Episode 1 of 4 – The American War on Wolves: Establishing a Foundation


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We’re so excited to bring you our first ever mini-series here on Animalia.

The American War on Wolves

If you’re not already aware, 2021 has become a pivotal year, a year like no other, in the fight to save this species here in the United States. After the Trump Administration delisted wolves from Federal protection in January of this year, many states have returned to the horrific, sweeping legalization of killing wolves. The same programs and strategies that led to their near extinction from the mid 1800s through the Endangered Species Act of 1973.

It’s critical we bring more awareness to what’s happening, spread the facts, and share the love across the incredible community fighting for this species. Because the biggest threats to wolves continue to be a combination of misinformation and ingrained cultural disdain.

So here we go. We can’t wait to bring this to you.

The 4 episodes will take you through a journey starting with highlighting some of the many incredible traits of wolf behavior and sociology in order to lay a foundation of understanding and appreciation. In Episode 2 we’ll move into the historical extermination that began in the mid 19th century. Episode 3 will walk us through reintroduction efforts in the mid 90s through today, what has worked, and what hasn’t. Finally, the 4th and final episode will focus on the ideological and political war going on right now that may very well determine the fate of the species.

Throughout the series we will urge you to visit SaveOurWolves.org and PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE sign the digital petitions pushing policy makers at state and federal levels to protect wolves. If you can also make a donation to their efforts, that would be amazing too. However, guess what, you already did that just by listening to this episode!

That’s because for every listen this series gets, Animalia is donating $1 to the Center for Biological Diversity, the organization behind SaveOurWolves.org. So please share with friends and urge them to do the same!


As described above, this first episode delves into the behavior and sociology that makes wolves so special. We’ll learn what it’s like day to day for wolves, how their family structures work, how they interact with their ecosystem, and the value of play. We feel it’s important that before we get into the war on wolves, we first need to better understand them.

We think you’ll love this kickoff 🙂

Throughout the series you’ll here from some amazing guests. Biologists, conservationists, authors, and policy makers that were kind enough to contribute to this project.

In this particular episode, you’ll meet:

Rick McIntyre: One of the most celebrated wolf experts in America, Rick has been at Yellowstone National Park since 1994, the year before wolves were reintroduced in 1995.  He is also the author of The Rise of Wolf 8 and The Reign of Wolf 21, two books we HIGHLY recommend.

John Vucetich: A biologist, professor, and Primary Investigator of the Isle Royal National Park in northwest Michigan