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Nuclear Energy! In today’s episode we give you a deep dive into nuclear energy and why it may be our only way off of fossil fuels.
Like many others, when you think of nuclear you probably think of large scale accidents, radiation, nuclear waste, and nuclear weapons. All bad things!
However it’s also a carbon-free, zero-emission energy source that produces more output at a more consistent pace than wind or solar, and is cheaper than coal or natural gas. And there are a ton of innovations happening to mitigate the historical challenges of accidents, radiation, waste, and threats.
It also may be one of the few things left that can get bipartisan support in DC. So let’s learn more about it and see where it fits into our clean energy future! Joining us today is Jason Herbert, Director of Government Affairs for Energy Northwest, a major energy agency in the state of Washington providing a lot of renewable energy to utility companies, including of course, nuclear. Prior to Energy Northwest, Jason spent a decade on Capitol Hill work in Congress with a focus on energy and environmental policy.
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In This Episode
5:45 – Meet Jason
8:10 – A Political Orphan
23:00 – State of Nuclear in the US Today
28:00 – New Innovations
41:50 – Debunking Nuclear Critiques