Saving the Last African National Parks with Mark Hiley


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Poaching, corruption, and climate change have caused havoc for many national wildlife parks throughout Africa.  So how can we revitalize them?  Is there any hope?  Absolutely there is. And in this episode of Animalia, we are gonna tell you how.
Joining us is Mark Hiley, co-founder of National Park Rescue, the leading organization for turning around the most dire situations.  Mark is a wildlife ranger, filmmaker, and Fellow of the royal geographic society.  
After we learn more about Mark’s story and the overall challenges he faces in reviving these critical parks, we will take a deep dive into their work at the Chizarira National Park in Zimbabwe, which has become an incredible success story after decades of going in the wrong direction.  
Please check out and support their work as well at https://www.nationalparkrescue.org/
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