Talking Climate with a Leader of the Conservative Climate Movement


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There is a false narrative out there that all conservatives stand against climate action and all liberals stand for it. Things are not so black and white and we are letting partisanship get in the way. While it’s true that climate action has leaned more liberal than conservative overall, there are conservatives who think it is a top priority and are doing things about it, and likewise liberals who are not concerned about it at all.
The point being, we need to engage in discussions across the aisle so to speak and work on climate change together. So today, we were fortunate to have one of the Conservative Climate Leaders join us for a discussion on the policies he sees as the pillars for climate action, particularly as it comes to carbon and clean energy.
Bob Inglis served 6 terms in Congress. 3 from 1193 to 1999, and another 3 from from 2005 to 2011. It was during that second stint that he started coming around to the climate crisis and by 2011, he was advocating for climate action as a foundation to his platform. That ended up in him losing his seat in Congress, since many conservatives did not support such a position and still don’t today. That did not deter Bob however. He did not capitulate for the sake of staying in office. He doubled down on these efforts and founded RepublicEN, an organization dedicated to making climate action a conservative staple.
In this episode we are going to hear from Bob on what it means to be a conservative climate activist and what policies he thinks are critical to fighting this crisis. We hope you take the time to listen and go check out their work on their website here, or their podcast here. You may not agree with everything, but that’s ok. We grow through civil disagreement and collaboration.
Big thanks to Bob for joining!
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2:50 Bob’s Journey to Climate Action
9:25 Pillars of the Conservative Climate Movement
25:13 Reacting to the 2020 Energy Act
31:32 Discussing the Green New Deal
36:28 Corporate Paths to Net-Zero
41:08 Bob’s Thoughts on Biden’s Climate Campaign So Far