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Today we are bringing you a very special and valuable discussion with two incredible young climate activists:

Raeesah Nor Mohamed from South Africa

Hussein Ali Ghandour from Lebanon

Over the past few years, you’ve seen an uptick in protests, marches, and demonstrations from incredible people like Raeesah and Hussein from all over the world.  At COP26 in Glasgow, over 100,000 activists made their way outside the event to demonstrate and push for more decisive action from world leaders.

But have you had the chance to actually talk to them?  To understand what motivates them to give everything they have to this issue? To sacrifice so much?  To listen to their message?  To step into their shoes even for a moment?  Well today you do. Because Raeesah and Hussein have been kind enough to join us.

I encourage you to share this episode with friends and family so they too can hear the perspectives they probably don’t often get to hear, especially from uniquely challenging places in the world such as South Africa & Lebanon.

And please go and follow and support them both online if you can!

Raeesah on Instagram is @pure.rae.of.sunshinee and on Twitter she is @raeesahnm

Hussein on Twitter is @ghandour567

Raeesah also wanted us to share a link to the Climate Justice Charter, so I encourage you all to check it out.

Climate Justice Charter


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