The Psychology of Climate Change with Molly Kawahata from Obama’s Climate Policy Team


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Ever wonder why it’s hard to talk about climate change in a way that is just simple and easy to understand for everyone around you? Why have we made this so hard and how to we fix it? Well you’re in luck, because the wonderful Molly Kawahata was kind enough to join the Animalia pod to explain.
Molly worked in the White House for President Obama in Climate Policy before moving into the private energy world that she is working to make cleaner and more sustainable.
In addition to reframing how we talk about the climate crisis, we also dive deep into debate of Individual Action vs. Systemic Change. Where should we put more emphasis and how do we move the needle significantly on each?
This and more in this week’s Animalia podcast. We are counting down to our final episodes of 2020 and you won’t want to miss this one!
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1:35 – Meet Molly
6:23 – Reflecting on the highlights of working on Obama’s Climate Policy
10:00 – Solving Climate Comms and stripping out the politics
24:20 – The Marketing Prowess of the Republican Party and how we can draw from that to advance the fight against Climate Change
34:40 – Individual Action vs Systemic Change
55:38 – The link between The Outdoors, Climate, & Mental Health