The State of Greenwashing in Fashion


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Feeling confused on how to determine what is actually sustainable or not?  You’re not alone.  The issue of greenwashing – exaggerating, embellishing, or downright making up environmental claims – is probably worse in fashion and apparel than any other industry in the world.  It’s just so easy to trick consumers with the right buzzwords.
We sit down with Sasha Ternent, a former executive at Banana Republic, Gap, and Luxe Brands, and now founder of a new business trying to push the sustainability needs in fashion even further in the right direction, to discuss.
If you care about the climate and are striving to make the right decisions in your own fashion purchases, this episode is for you. We even offer a handy checklist towards the end!

1:02 – What do we mean by Greenwashing?
2:29 – Meet Sasha
9:40 – Environmental Impact of the Fashion Industry
16:40 – The Evils of Fast Fashion
21:00 – The hidden costs of externalities
30:00 – Discussing Brands’ Responsibility
38:25 – Regulation Responsibility
45:40 – Why is Greenwashing a Big Problem
48:54 – 3rd Party Certifications
53:00 – Recycled vs. Sustainable Organic
58:12 – A Checklist for Consumers to avoid Greenwashing Brands
1:11:11 – Why can’t we have a single set of sustainability standards?
1:19:06 – Sasha Rapid Fire Questions