What is Happening to the Amazon Rainforest in Brazil? –


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The deforestation crisis in the Brazilian Amazon has been making headlines globally dating back to 2019. In fact, the latest finding – that the Amazon in Brazil is now officially producing more greenhouse gas than it captures due to forest degradation and deforestation – is as alarming and concerning as it gets. Studies are now showing the Amazon is on the brink of a point of no return where it could mostly dry out and turn into a savannah like ecosystem, causing major negative ramifications globally in terms of climate change.

So what exactly is happening? Why is it happening? And what can be done to stop it? In this episode we sit down with Ana Ionova – an environmental journalist in Brazil who has been covering the Amazon issue for years. She gives us a first hand account of what is happening right now in Brazil, and we talk about everything from President Bolsonaro to the impact on indigenous people and dissect everything going on.

We really encourage everyone to listen to this episode and become well informed on this issue.

We also encourage you to read a couple of Ana’s past work on this topic and support her as the standout journalist she is!

Ana’s Story on the Paracana people

Ana’s Story on the Arrival of Palm Oil


2:30  Current State of the Brazilian Amazon

11:10 Bolsonaro’s Impact & The Economic Argument Behind Deforestation

20:40  Impact on Indigenous Communities

33:10 Palm Oil’s Arrival in Brazil 🙁

39:20 Sentiment of Brazilian civilians

44:19  A Radical Solution