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Many out there ponder if alien life has already reached earth. UFO sightings have been the crazy for centuries, and we are constantly entertained by stories of extraterrestrial life in movies, TV, and books. But what if they are already here?

If they are, they most likely form they take is the incredible Octopus. There is no other being on this planet so further from our own human anatomy and form, but so similar in our intelligence, learning ability, creative problem solving, and emotional depth. We are the highest form of intelligence on land, and the octopus likely is by sea. We problem solve through observation, analysis, and hypotheses testing, much as octopuses do. Our emotions and anxiety levels have been critical to our survival and evolution, much as they are to the octopus.

As you’ll learn in this newsletter, our first Obsession format (thank you Quartz for the idea!), their capabilities are quite mind-blowing. And don’t worry, we have video to back it up!

We often think of dolphins or dogs or apes as the most advanced non-human life on earth, but we are here to award this honor to the Octopus. And how knows, maybe they never derived from earth at all.

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