Protecting this planet and the diversity of life on it

Through steady action, we will ensure a bright future for our beautiful planet.

Our Mission: To create positive, inclusive dialogue on critical topics that protect this planet and to support the people and organizations working to lift up all life who occupy it

There is nothing more important in our minds than maintaining a rich diversity of life in our larger effort to protect this planet.  From the rich array of human cultures to wildlife species fighting for their existence to the microbes that power our soil, biodiversity is the flywheel that makes this planet thrive.

That is why we chose the name Animalia. To remind us that we are all animals.  We are all part of much larger interconnected ecosystems that we’ve sadly been destroying at a scary pace.

We must be optimists however.  And we should be, cause we can fix this.  We absolutely can. It will be hard, it will require change, and there will be bumps along the road, but the climate crisis should not be a source of fear, it should be a source of inspiration.  It should be an inclusive movement that recognizes all of us play a vital role.

We started Animalia to tell the stories that can change culture. Because only with a long-term cultural shift can we make this work.  

Our newsletters and podcasts are designed to disseminate critical information in very digestible ways.  Our events are designed to foster community.  And our merch collabs and fundraisers are designed to raise support for those out there working tirelessly each and every day to save all of us.

Animalia is also a family effort, started by a brother and sister team with a shared love of nature from an early age.  Everyone who has worked with us – Annalie, Annelise, Abby, Lauren, Jose and others – are all part of the Animalia family, as are all of you!

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Some of the incredible organizations we’re proud to have worked with so far

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