Welcome to The Hogwash

There are quite a few misleading things out there about the work being done to protect this planet.  Because it matters to us, we want to call some of it out.

Now, these are our opinions, so if you disagree, don’t get all tuckered out.  Actually, feel free to email us and tell us why we’re wrong.  It might prompt us to look into it even more and evolve our thinking. Email is hello@iloveanimalia.com


We also acknowledge that as with anything in science, new information is always coming in. So below are things we call Bullshit as we understand them now, but that could also change over time as we learn more.

table of contents:

Stop Supporting Wildlife for Your Emotional Needs
Your Personal Carbon Footprint Doesn’t Matter, but your Choices Do
Planting Trees Everywhere is Not a Way out of this Problem
Become a Green Citizen, not just a Green Consumer
Don’t Accept the Virtue Signaling from Wealthy Countries & Wealthy People
Climate Solutions Long Term Must Come with Climate Education
Stop Making Climate a Left vs. Right Issue
Global Deforestation is an Economic Problem, not an Evil Villain Problem
We Already Have Carbon Capture Tech, We Just Don’t Use It
What You Eat Matters

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July 25, 2021

Your Personal Carbon Footprint Doesn’t Matter, but Your Choices Do

We are so sick of the rush into carbon offsets.  This is a classic case of big companies and big government avoiding actually addressing the core issue and doing some…
July 20, 2021

Stop Supporting Wildlife For Your Emotional Needs

Time and time again, wildlife conservation efforts play into our selfish, emotional needs as a vehicle for getting us to act.  Focusing on how sad it will be if we…
July 20, 2021

Why Carbon Offsets Are Misleading

There is a bit of a dangerous and misleading path to "net-zero" being popularized across private companies via using Carbon Offsets.  There are 3 key issues at play here: Not…