We offer both travel and virtual events, from conservation work to critical discussions around climate science, as a way to immerse people in the work itself. We find experiencing something leaves a far lasting impression than just reading about it.

2022 Experiences (Final Dates TBD)

+ Colorado Pika/Rocky Mountain Conservation (Aug 7-11, 2022)

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Colorado Rocky Mountain Pika Conservation Experience

Join Animalia & Rocky Mountain Wild for a 5-day conservation adventure in the Rocky Mountains from August 7-11 as we search for that elusive Pikachu! Well, kind of. We're actually going to be searching for pikas, the adorable creature that inspired Pikachu's namesake, as their summer habitats critical insights into the health of the rocky mountain ecosystem. Come join us as citizen scientists as we conduct pika research across the Rockies, white water raft, and learn about other critical conservation projects in the region such as the restoration of grey wolves. We have only 20 spots available and it's first come first serve!

DATE: August 7-11, 2022
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our past experiences

Magawa's Retirement Ceremony

Magawa is a famous rat who has cleared over 144,000 square meters of land mines in Africa. That’s right, a rat! Join us and his incredible organization APOPO to celebrate his retirement and learn how APOPO trains and uses rates to clear landmines, detect tuberculosis, and much more.

DATE: October 16, 2021

Costa Rica Sea Turtle Adventure

We took 27 amazing people down to a remote coastal research site to work with biology team at Latin American Sea Turtles for a week doing conservation work for Leatherback Sea Turtles

DATE: MAY 2021

A Tall Order

We put on a virtual event with The Giraffe Conservation Foundation to raise awareness of the state of conservation for the world’s tallest living terrestrial mammal.


The Climate State

We partnered with Climate Resolve & The Future Party to put on 4 panel discussions covering some of the most critically discussed topics in climate change.