We offer both travel and virtual events, from conservation work to critical discussions around climate science, as a way to immerse people in the work itself. We find experiencing something leaves a far lasting impression than just reading about it.

2022 Experiences (Final Dates TBD)

+ Climate Refugees (Digital Experience April)
+ Alaskan Kelp Forest Conservation (Travel Experience May)
+ Colorado Pika/Rocky Mountain Conservation (Travel Experience June)

our past experiences

Magawa’s Retirement Ceremony

Magawa is a famous rat who has cleared over 144,000 square meters of land mines in Africa. That’s right, a rat! Join us and his incredible organization APOPO to celebrate his retirement and learn how APOPO trains and uses rates to clear landmines, detect tuberculosis, and much more.

DATE: October 16, 2021
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Costa Rica Sea Turtle Adventure

We took 27 amazing people down to a remote coastal research site to work with biology team at Latin American Sea Turtles for a week doing conservation work for Leatherback Sea Turtles

DATE: MAY 2021

A Tall Order

We put on a virtual event with The Giraffe Conservation Foundation to raise awareness of the state of conservation for the world’s tallest living terrestrial mammal.


The Climate State

We partnered with Climate Resolve & The Future Party to put on 4 panel discussions covering some of the most critically discussed topics in climate change.