DEERDANA x Animalia Polymita Snails Collection

Protect Polymitas.  Protect the Rainforest Engineers. Protect Earth.


About the Collection and the Polymita Snail

Polymita Snails are indigenous to Cuba and known for their trademark beautiful shells. Unfortunately, this beauty is also why they are heavily collected and killed and turned into necklaces and art outside of Cuba. Things like habitat loss, climate change, and invasive species are also killing them. Polymita populations are down as much as 98% in critical areas. This is a problem - they serve a critical role in helping trees by eating fungi and serve as food for other species!
33% of the proceeds from this collection are in support of Polymita conservation. This includes critical research, educating locals, and expanding the team. Stand up for Polymitas, they need our help and support!


Made of 100% organic cotton

Made in the USA

Designed by DEERDANA

Check out our podcast episode with a Cuban biologist Norvis Hernandez, a biologist in Cuba and founder and forever leader of the Polymita Fan Club! She has dedicated her entire life to this little gastropod, and her story and work is inspiring.

Enjoy this Animalia music video, celebrating the Polymita Snail and our collection….

Interested in learning more about the work being done to save Polymitas and just why they are so important?

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