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If you care about this planet and are worried about where things are heading when it comes to global warming and biodiversity collapse, well, you’re not alone. You’ve probably experienced some forms of climate anxiety or eco-anxiety because you care.


For some, this feeling of worry and concern can be so severe that it can disrupt your life.  Maybe you start to worry too much about the things you are buying, about loved ones not caring, or about the doomsday scenarios that lie ahead if we keep on this track. Or maybe you are already experiencing personally the damages from climate change perhaps due to a recent wildfire or flood or tropical storm.  Maybe you live in one of the areas in the world dealing with water shortages and poor water quality due to toxic runoffs and droughts.


Here at Animalia, we feel these forms of anxiety all the time.  It’s normal and ok.  It means you care.  We just don’t want those negative thoughts to consume you.


So today on Animalia, we sit down with Thomas Doherty, one of the leading eco-anxiety psychologists in the field today. Thomas operates a formal clinical practice out of Portland OR, but he is also co-host of a new podcast focused on the intersection of climate change and happiness that we’d highly recommend, called, well, Climate Change & Happiness!


In this episode, we’re going to help you better understand these feelings and identify some useful tips such as reframing to help you manage them.


We also want to share a great online support group platform for Climate Anxiety Support called the Good Grief Network, another great resource for you all!




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