Black Birders Week & The Movement Behind It


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By now, everyone is familiar with the May 26th incident in Central Park between Christian Cooper & Amy Cooper that went viral.  That video and the outcry it spurred was a catalyst to the launch of #BlackBirdersWeek, and incredible virtual event that took place throughout social media in late May and early June celebrating the contributions and value of the work and role of the Black community in Outdoor Exploration & the Natural Sciences.
The group behind it was a collection of of Black science professionals who after putting this on formally created the collective BlackAFinStem.  In this episode, we sit down with two of their members – Danielle Belleny & Chelsea Connor – to discuss their love of the outdoors, systemic racism in the outdoor and natural sciences space, and how they turned this disturbing viral video into a powerful, positive movement.  If you stand for improving diversity, inclusion, and decision-making representation in conservation, environmental, and science work for BIPOC, you won’t want to miss this episode.
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(1:17) What does birding represents to both Danielle & Chelsea
(5:00) Falling in Love with the Outdoors
(10:00) Systemic Racism in Outdoor Recreation and Exploration
(21:00) Let’s talk about Birding
(24:32) #BlackBirdersWeek
(34:18) Improving inclusion and representation of BIPOC in conservation and natural sciences
(42:40) BIPOC Role Models

Finally, there are a few awesome figures in the Black scientific community mentioned in this episode we want to highlight: