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Welcome to Season 3 of the Animalia Podcast!

We’re back!

We felt the best way to kickoff this new season would be talking about the Arctic.

As you’re probably aware, the Arctic is melting thanks to global warming. What you may not know is the unique role the Arctic plays in reflecting solar radiation back into space, a critical component keeping this planet as cool as possible. As the Arctic melts however, it also darkens, leading it to absorb more and more sunlight and reflect less and less.

Today we sit down with Dr. Leslie Field & Tom Light of the Arctic Ice Project for a deep dive into what’s happening in the Arctic and their highly ambitious, innovative solution to save it using small microspheres of silica.

You can learn more about this fantastic project, the team behind it, the research to date, and support their work at this link here. If you can make a small donation to advancing this project forward, it would mean a lot to that team.


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