Nature’s Positive Takeaways in 2020 & What to Expect in 2021


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Ahhh 2020. The end is finally here.
It’s been a painful and tumultuous year on so many fronts. And while we are happy to turn the page forward into 2021, and we will do so in this episode, we also think it’s important to find some positive takeaways from 2020.
So we asked the incredible guests of Animalia’s podcast this year to share their positive takeaway on the topics of conservation and climate from the past year, and we are sharing those here.
In addition, we have 8 positive forecasts for 2021 that we are sharing as well. We hope this can bring some positive energy to an otherwise horrible year.
This is the LAST episode of this season. Thank you all for your support. Season 2 will begin in February. Enjoy turning the page on New Years and please stay safe.