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In the production of our series The American War on Wolves, I met a really amazing person named Philomena Kebec.
Philomena is a member of the Bad River Band, part of the larger Anishinaabe community in Northern Wisconsin. When we first spoke, she shared some really powerful insights on the climate crisis and philosophies about how we exist within the natural world.
There is so much we can learn from Native people. And so much we need to do to better serve them, protect their cultural heritage, and address a system of violence, oppression and cultural assimilation going on for over 400 years in this country.
Philomena has many really powerful insights about what is going on in the world right now, way too many to put into one podcast episode, but in this episode, we talk through a few of them and everyone can really benefit from tuning in.
Creating a stronger, more inclusive society for Native people, ensuring Native people are represented in high positions of public and private office….not only are these the right and just things to do, but they would greatly help us in our fight to save this planet.
Every time I chat with Philomena, on or off the record, it leaves a positive imprint on me. I hope this episode will do the same for you!
Here are some additional links Philomena wanted to share with everyone to check out on your own!