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The first-ever financial instrument is being created to give private investors a motive to invest in conservation.  Dubbed the Rhino Impact Bond (RIB), this is a $50 million fixed-income investment instrument tied to a targeted outcome, in this case, increasing the Black Rhino population. It is being supported by Credit Suisse & UBS. The yield on the bond is subject to the 5-year growth of a targeted set of 700 black rhinos in Kenya & South Africa, or ~12% of the entire global black rhino population. Essentially as they increase in population, so does the bond yield. The money from investors will go towards repopulating black rhinos, and this is the first time such an instrument is being created, so there are still more questions than answers.  It’s certainly a noteworthy experiment. Read More.


Here are some fun facts about these 8-legged cephalopods.

  • They have 9 Brains!  That’s right. Each arm (they are actually not called tentacles) has a brain of its own along with its central brain unit. All 9 can act independently, simultaneously of one another.
  • They also have 3 Hearts! Two to move blood through their gills, and 1 for the rest of the body. They are 3x more likely to cry when watching Marley & Me.
  • They don’t just swim. They often walk across the ocean floor!

More stories we’re reading


A recent study has linked interesting evolutionary trends of elephants, specifically that their brain size increases around periods of major shifts in climate.  Ever hear the phrase an elephant never forgets? That is because their enormous brains are essentially big memory drives. And when shifts in climate make key resources like watering holes more scarce, the elephant brain adapts by growing in size to store more memory of watering hold locations, as well as new instincts to experiment with diet and learn new behaviors.  Pretty remarkable. Not even us humans can claim this trick!



Apparently mobile apps can be used for good. A new Indian app called Vhali Watcher, helps expedite payments to fisherman who free whale sharks trapped in their nets. It’s illegal to harvest and haul whale sharks, and the government has been issuing payments to fisherman who free these animals to create extra motivation, but the payment process has been cumbersome. Vhali Watcher to the rescue! While we would still like to see the Gujarat government increase payments, this is a big step forward.


We all know bees are important.  They are responsible for 35-40% of all the agriculture in the world that depends on their pollination.  But could a world without bees look and feel drastically different beyond just our food supply? It seems so.  Bloom & Wild, a flower delivery service in the UK, recently shared what the city of London would look like without bees. The results are pretty scary.



To put it bluntly, it’s hot AF in Western Europe right now. France recorded its hottest day EVER on July 25th, a shocking and terrifying 42.6C.  For us westerners, that’s 108.7 Fahrenheit. Ground temperatures in Paris were clocked at 50C!  That would be a sweltering 122F! The heat is forcing people in Paris to only go outside at night, potentially leading to by-product of a vampire epidemic as well.

Documentary to watch

Eye of the Pangolin

In our featured video this month, we profile an incredible new 45-minute documentary about our latest Animalia animal, the Pangolin. Titled Eye of the Pangolin, this is a great piece about the most trafficked non-human mammal in the world, and will really open your eyes to the suffering these animals are experiencing.
And don’t forget to check out our Pangolin shirts, as proceeds are shared with our partner conservation – Save Pangolins – and wearing it helps create more awareness!


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We carry 2T, 4T, and 6T for young kids. We recommend ordering an XXS Adults Tee for older kids, as it’s similar to an 8-10T. Connect your children to conservation and remind them that when they wear their Animalia shirt they are helping support that very animal!

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